Javascript For Beginners

Go from writing your first line of code to building your first app with JavaScript
Instructed by: Madison Kanna | Subject: IT & Software, Other

Javascript For Beginners

About This Course

JavaScript is an incredibly popular programming language. Knowing how to use JavaScript to build scalable, fast web applications is one of the most in-demand skills of today. In this course, you will go from the very basics of JavaScript to learning about the fundamentals to creating your first app. You'll learn about variables, objects, functions, arrays, and how Asynchronous JavaScript works. At the end of the course, we'll build a Game of Thrones-themed app and apply your knowledge of Asynchronous JavaScript and all you've learned.


  1. Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript
  2. Build your first JavaScript app
  3. Understand how the internet works
  4. Practice with code challenges
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