VR in Unity: A Beginner's Guide

Go from "I've no idea what I'm doing" to "I've very little idea what I'm doing", for FREE.
Instructed by: Mark Suter | Subject: Development, Game Development

VR in Unity: A Beginner's Guide

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Intended for absolute beginners, this is a guerrilla-style approach to getting a VR app up and running quickly, with very little peripheral teaching of WHY were doing any of it. Sections 1 + 2 don't involve any actual coding, and get you started quickly. Coding takes place in the (in development...my students co-producing with me left for summer break! The nerve!) section 3 and beyond. I teach a high school "Intro to Programming" class, and I'm making this to help them, and maybe others at the same time. This is all recorded in my classroom, March, April, May of 2018.


  1. Make a VR App to throw objects into a hole in a board. In the country, we call it "Corn Hole".
  2. You will be ready to make other fantastic games like "Drop the Microphone" and "Toss the Salad".
  3. Isolate yourself from your friends!
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