Ultimate Medium Tutorial:Tools for Best blogging and Writing

Learn how to start a blog from scratch using Medium platform:Be a viral blogger and learn to build your terrific brand
Instructed by: Vinod Kj | Subject: Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Ultimate Medium Tutorial:Tools for Best blogging and Writing

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Have you always wanted to start your own Medium Account and start blogging? Do you really want to create your own Medium brand and to establish yourself as a writer?Then this is your best course for your Success! With the Medium platform you will archive steady success as a blogger and you will be able to build a fan following in a short span of time. This is a complete tutorial on Medium blogging and you will be provided with great tools for writing and blogging This tutorial is designed in such a way that anyone who has no idea of Medium platform will be able to learn quickly and start building his brand. The course is structured into 10 subjects in which you will get to know everything that you need to succeed in Medium 1. Introduction to medium platform and its overview 2.How to start writing with great tips and even creating Emojis in your writing 3. You will learn to convert your writing to Podcasts and even uploading your own podcasts 4. Publishing best stories in Medium and completely promoting your writing in social media 5. Learn how to never ever run out of ideas so you can keep on generating ideas for your writing 6. Growing your Medium Account 7. Medium Publications 8. Smedian tools in detail for promotion of your blog 9. Learn basic Seo and identify what key words the world is searching and optimize your articles. 10. Learn to use Pocket,Evernote,Canava, Pintest to make your blog a success. --- This course provides you with all the knowledge that you need to instantly start blogging and earning an additional income. The only thing that you need to start this course and succeed is the will to develop yourself and start something new. Who this course is for: Everybody who is interested in blogging Everybody who wants to get to know Medium Everybody who wants to earn an additional income through blogging on Medium

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Ultimate Medium Tutorial:Tools for Best blogging and Writing Ultimate Medium Tutorial:Tools for Best blogging and Writing Reviewed by Nisdon on April 13, 2019 Rating: 5
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