Stylish Dynamic Web Forms with jQuery validation

A range of ready to use form validation templates and lessons on how to customise and create your own validation forms.
Instructed by: Craig West | Subject: Development, Web Development

Stylish Dynamic Web Forms with jQuery validation

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This course has many WEB FORMS with jQuery validation html pages available to use immediately that give immediate feedback and validation for inputs, dates, times, emails radio buttons, check boxes etc. OVER 50 lessons teaching you all aspects of DYNAMIC WEB FORMS. With over 50 lessons, you will gain a complete understanding of the architecture not just of these forms but how forms validation works and learn the ability to create powerful application type forms. Straightforward, code easily changed! Login, register, contact, events, questionnaires...all ready made for you to use straight away Basic HTML and CSS mean you can easily change the style and success/error message. Conditional forms where new form elements appear based on selections made are also included. The first few lessons show you how to use these templates out of the box and subsequent lessons go into detail on their structure and coding. Students will be able to: Create their own forms using just 'cut and paste' and simple edits. Customise the styling and content of the validation messages. Create colourful input borders with icons inside. All done with basic HTML, CSS and jQuery in a script way with no use of classes or advanced coding techniques. Regular Expressions simplified and made easy to understand. Lots of Regular expression patterns supplied with templates to use as required so you don't have to be able to understand or create them. Links to Regular Expression Libraries also provided. Learn how to use jQuery events to trigger input validation. Use jQuery Datepicker and Progress bar. Templates include both THREE COLUMN and ONE COLUMN forms: Login form. Registration form. Contact form. Event form. Information Request form. Questionnaire type form. Complete master templates with DMY and MDY date format. Conditional logic forms with 'sub forms' appearing depending on selections made. Students will not have to write code. The files are given so that students can focus on understanding the concepts and architecture so that they can create a myriad of forms for themselves if the downloaded templates are insufficient. However, you will learn how to use jQuery to make your forms dynamic so you can join in and code.

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