Get Hired — Linux Engineering 2019 [SOLDOUT]

In ONE course, I'll teach you Linux, Oracle, AWS and Ansible from scratch — To help you become a PAID SENIOR SYSADMIN.
Instructed by: Agaba Philip | Subject: IT & Software, Operating Systems

Get Hired — Linux Engineering 2019

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If you're looking for the ONE course that'll get you hired as a Linux Admin, read on... Hello. My name is Agaba Philip and I'm Linux Admin, Consultant & Pilot. I started my IT career in 2009 as an Oracle on Linux administrator, and I'll be sharing my real-world experience with you throughout this course. By the end of this course you will have gone from Linux fundamentals, to being able to configure and maintain complex Linux-based services and systems. If you've been searching for the ONE course that'll take you from beginner to senior-level Linux admin, your search is over. This course does not assume any prior Linux experience. You will be guided step-by-step from Linux novice, to the level of RHCE and beyond. Following, is a listing of some of the Skills you'll master. LINUX: Essential Tools & Commands Basic Administration KVM Virtualization Server Hardening File Sharing with NFS & Samba Centralized Authentication with LDAP & Kerberos Centralized Authentication with FreeIPA iSCSI Storage Area Networks Network Teaming & Bridging Apache Web service Postfix Mail service DNS & DHCP MariaDB Network Time Protocol Shell Scripting ORACLE: Basic SQL Advanced SQL Database Essentials RMAN Backup & Recovery Performance Tuning & Optimization Oracle Cloud Database Security ANSIBLE: Fundamentals Playbooks Variables, Inclusions & Task control Flow control & Conditionals Jinja2 templates DevOps with Vagrant AWS: Features EC2 Instances SSH Identities Availability Zones Static IPs Block Storage Object Storage Database Services ENROLL IN THIS COURSE AND STACK YOUR RESUME WITH JOB-READY SKILLS. Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to become a Paid Linux administrator. Students wishing to become Oracle DBAs. Anyone wanting to master Ansible configuration management. IT pros who want to learn cloud computing with Amazon Web Services. Anyone looking for a pay raise OR a change of jobs.

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