Learn TestNG using IntelliJ IDEA

TestNG Framework using IntelliJ IDE for Selenium Automation Testers
Instructed by: Pavan Kumar | Subject: Development, Programming Languages

Learn TestNG using IntelliJ IDEA

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TestNG is most popular framework used with Java and it is open source. It is become very popular in Test Automation especially in Selenium. IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE specifically designed to maximize developer productivity. It has lot of options which will make user feel friendly UI. In this course you will learn TestNG Framework using Intelllij IDEA specially designed for Java Developers and Selenium Automation Testers. Topics Covered: Introduction to TestNG Create & Run Tests in TestNG TestNG Report Annotations in TestNG Prioritizing Tests Dependency Tests Grouping Tests Assertions Parameters in TestNG DataProvider in TestNG Parallel Tests TestNG Listeners

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