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Common English Phrases You Will Hear on the Street
Instructed by: Alex Bricker | Subject: Teaching & Academics , Language

Learn American English Online

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Welcome to English on the Street! This 8-week online class is designed to help you understand how American English speakers talk. In this course, you will: 1.) Understand common phrases by native English speakers. 2.) Learn how to say words and phrases when you go places. 3.) Increase your English vocabulary and word usage. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? Words and Phrases in American English that are NOT in your typical textbook, but are frequently used by native English speakers. English to help you understand American English speakers. A few cultural tips and practical advice for living in the U.S. WHAT WILL YOU BE ABLE TO DO AFTER THIS CLASS? Understand and use some shopping vocabulary. Order Food at Restaurants and How to Order at a Subway. Banking Words and How to Open a Bank Account Online. How to express feelings and emotions in English. Order Coffee at a Starbucks. How to use the Post Office. How to book a hotel and plan for travel in the U.S. (Yellowstone National Park) How to read and understand road signs and some travel directions. I look forward to serving you and helping you improve your English language skills! Kind Regards, Alex Bricker ESL With Purpose, LLC

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