Introduction To Programming with Python

Learn programming from basics up to think in programming with python (Python online training )
Instructed by: Hanif Marwat | Subject: Development, Programming Languages

Introduction To Programming with Python

About This Course

Welcome to my course "Introduction to programming with Python | for beginners course" Python online training | python programming | python programming for beginners, My Name Is Hanif Marwat I am A python Instructor From More Than 2 Years. I always feel to help programming students by example therefor I created this course with big and practical example of real world. Moreover I am encouraging and trying to compel students to hands-on with code which is the key of success in programming. In This Course I am giving tasks of simple calculator, scientific calculator, management system and grading system which are enough to learn beginner course. I am not trying to make tired my students by giving tons of lectures it's just 14 lectures which will be updated till to 20 maximum but these 14 lectures include all the basics with a better way of understanding.


  1. They will be able to think and code with some real world applications in python.
  2. simple calculator, Scientific calculator, management System, grading System and much more
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