How To Dominate Excel Formatting & Charting

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Instructed by: Sandor Kiss | Subject: Office Productivity , Microsoft

How To Dominate Excel Formatting & Charting

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First, we’ll cover the foundations of Excel formatting and charting. You’ll discover the basics of cells, data and charting, which includes a comprehensive tutorial on how to build charts. Next comes how to format cells and data the McKinsey way. I’ll explain 8 Excel cell formats with practical examples and how to effectively navigate large data sheets. Plus, you’ll learn how to never lose overview by using five uncommon shortcut functions. Moreover, I’ll show you step-by-step how to build a chart the McKinsey way and combine stacked column charts with normal column charts to enable advanced data labeling techniques. Last but not least, I included three bonus tutorials covering freeze panes vs. split windows, techniques to show key data only and drop down menus. By the time you complete this class, you’ll learn the renowned McKinsey way of formatting charts and tables, from basic to advanced.


  1. How to dominate Excel formatting & charting in less than 4 days
  2. No theory, but 100% job-focused knowledge of Excel with lots of practical examples & shortcuts!
  3. How to analyze and understand data, without the need for a complex mathematical background
  4. Shortcut Excel strategies that are uncommon in the everyday workplace yet incredibly useful and powerful!
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