How to Design a Logo using Canva

The complete guide to designing a logo using Canva
Instructed by: Kelvin Osondu | Subject: Design, Graphic Design

How to Design a Logo using Canva

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Would you like to be a professional logo designer? Or perhaps, do you want to design a logo for your business? Or are you tired of hiring designers that don't understand your business? I am here to tell (and show) you that you can desgin a professional logo all by yourself. Warning: This course is not for you if you don't have a passion for good design. Why?.... this is simply because the tool doesn't make the art, but the man or woman using the tool. --- In this course, I'll share with you some fundamental knowledge on logo designs. This includes, its definition, importance and even different types. Did you even know there were different types of Logo Design? Interesting right? Whilst this course introduces the concept of logo design, it moves on to deliver practical tutorials on how to design a logo using Canva. Canva is a design tool that has transformed the world of graphic design, and it's really beneficial to learn all you can about this new online tool. By the end of this course, you will not only have learned about business logo and its importance, you will have learned how to design a professional logo for any business. Sit back, relax and enjoy the course!

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