Excel 2013 Essential Training

Learn Excel from zero to advanced.
Instructed by: Luis Federico Peña | Subject: Business, Home Business

Excel 2013 Essential Training

About This Course

In this Microsoft Excel 2013 training course, I take you through the basics of the world's most popular spreadsheet software. Excel can be a complex and confusing program to use, but this course breaks it down into bite-sized pieces and teaches it in plain way. No prior experience in Excel 2013 or spreadsheets is required to get the most out of this Excel beginners to advanced video training.


  1. Learn the most common Excel Functions used in the office.
  2. To take your basic Excel skills to the next level.
  3. From the fundamentals to advanced features. This training covers everything you need to know about Excel from zero to advanced.
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Excel 2013 Essential Training Excel 2013 Essential Training Reviewed by Acamig Courses on April 05, 2019 Rating: 5
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