Designing Flat Icons Using Powerpoint

Instructed by: Nitin Verma | Subject: Design, Graphic Design

Designing Flat Icons Using Powerpoint

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This course will teach you about the process of creating flat icons using basic shapes available in powerpoint.In this course, I had made icons related to technology but if you get the technique you can make any icon yourself. Flat icons are used on internet and print media in large scale that's why it's important to learn how to do it. As mentioned earlier this course uses powerpoint for making icons rather than a complex and expensive tool like adobe illustrator now everybody can make his/her own icon set and use it for their graphics or they can sell it also. With powerpoint, you can also save icons as jpg images which you can't do in illustrator.The steps for making icons are very simple and easy so just enroll for the course to learn more.


  1. Design flat icons on any theme using powerpoint within minutes
  2. Working with shapes in powerpoint
  3. Design icons without photoshop and illustrator
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