Learn Arabic Vocabulary

Learn useful intermediate 100 Arabic words supported by sentences and simple pictures.
Instructed by: Ann Qnn | Subject: Teaching & Academics , Language

Learn Arabic Vocabulary

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This course covers 100 essential Arabic vocabularies including nouns, verbs ad adjectives of intermediate level that are used in daily life. This course is dedicated to the learners of Arabic of intermediate level who want to enrich their vocabularies, and so this is not for complete beginners, you should have general knowledge of Arabic. This course is split into 10 lessons. Each lesson covers 10 new intermediate vocabularies that are supported by example sentences used in real life to enhance your understanding. If you are a visual learner, this is the PERFECT course for you, as each word is supported by a simple relevant picture which helps visual learners memorise better. If you are an auditory learner, this course is IDEAL for you too, as I repeat words and sentences loudly over and over in order to enhance your memorisation and pronunciation. This course includes 10 quizzes provided after each lesson . The 10 provided quizzes reinforce the memorisation of the words, as they can measure your performance. This course provides two kinds of subtitles, the first subtitle contains the translation of the Arabic speech or words so that you can go back to when you face difficulty in understanding the meaning of any word or even in comprehension in general. The second subtitle is concerned with the pronunciation of the Arabic in Latin letters. For example, you will find a sentence like " أنا فضولي " translated into ' I am curious' and transcribed into ' ana fo'9ooli' , and so both meaning and pronunciation should be clear to you, as there is a chart for Arabic Alphabet alternative included to help you with any pronunciation issue. If you wonder if this the right course for you, I can guarantee that this course can strengthen your Arabic linguistic skills magnificently.

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