I'm Learning Linux in 1 Hour

Step by step learn Linux without difficulty. Learn the Essentials of Linux. The ideal course to learn Linux commands.
Instructed by: Burak Can Demir | Subject: IT & Software, Operating Systems

I'm Learning Linux in 1 Hour

About This Course

Welcome to the 'Step by step learn Linux' course. It is a first in Udemy with accelerated training program. We will teach Linux to you in an hour. We are offering you short and concise lessons step by step. You will learn Linux in a short and concise way with this training program that is far from unnecessary and boring speeches. With step-by-step lessons, you will discover more about Linux in each lesson. You will reinforce the information which you learned in lessons with the tests, assignments, and exercises at the end of each section. Your competence on the terminal screen will increase and you will know terminal commands. You will find yourself writing commands on the terminal screen. You will learn all the Linux commands that we will see throughout the course not based on memorization but by practising. Thus, after you finish the course, you will be competent in Linux.


  1. You will get comprehensive knowledge about Linux operating systems.
  2. You will get information about the Linux terminal screen.
  3. You will be able to work with ubuntu which is one of the popular Linux distributions.
  4. You will know terminal commands.
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