Spreadsheets for Business PART 1

Learn how and why spreadsheets can be an amazing tool for your business!
Instructed by: Danny Blaker | Subject: Office Productivity , Google

Spreadsheets for Business PART 1

About This Course

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: First 3000 students will receive Spreadsheets for business PART 2 for FREE! Welcome to The Ultimate introduction to spreadsheets for business owners and entrepreneurs! Learn how to use spreadsheets to discover interesting things about your business, make number crunching easy, and generally make your life easier as a business owner! Once you complete this short course you'll be fully prepared to begin Spreadsheets for Business PART 2, where you'll get to apply your skills to build some awesome spreadsheets that are ready for use in your business!


  1. Understand how spreadsheets can be applied to your business
  2. Use the spreadsheet Layout
  3. Use spreadsheet tools
  4. Learn how to work with basic business datasets
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