Programming for Entrepreneurs - HTML & CSS

Are you an entrepreneur with zero coding experience? - Learn the basics of web development with this beginners course!
Instructed by: Pablo Farias Navarro | Subject: Development, Programming Languages

Programming for Entrepreneurs - HTML & CSS

About This Course

At ZENVA, we've decided to tackle this problem and bring you a solution by creating our Programming for Entrepreneurs course series, aimed to give entrepreneurs the basic programming skills and knowledge so that they have higher chances of success with their business ideas. In Programming for Entrepreneurs / HTML & CSS you'll learn basic web development concepts and skills that will allow you to build simple websites, modify existing websites and create interactive prototypes of your business idea so that you can use it as a communication tool with your developer, customers and investors. In this course, just like in all courses by ZENVA, we'll follow a project-based approach. Through out the course you'll be building a "Metro style" homepage that looks great in a desktop computer and in a mobile phone.


  1. Get a basic grasp of essential web development concepts
  2. Learn how to code in HTML and CSS
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