Wacom Sketching Crash Course

Wacom Sketching Crash Course: An introductory course to the amazing world of design sketching for beginners or pros.
Instructed by: Marouane Bembli | Subject: Design, Design Tools

Wacom Sketching Crash Course

About This Course

Are you struggling with your digital sketching? Have you tried learning from books only to realize it's not that easy to learn from pictures? In this video course you will learn the basic tips and tricks used to render design ideas in Photoshop. Use these techniques to build up your portfolio, create a new design project or maybe you just want to show off your skills to a friend. This course walks you through the process from early ideation doodles and quick sketches all the way to adding highlights and shading.


  1. Understand the basics of design sketching in Photoshop
  2. Use highlights and shadows to render a design
  3. Better understand how to render a design proposal from ideation to presentation
  4. Use "blocking" to generate design ideas fast
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