Of Course You Can!The Ultimate Graphic and web design course

With 20 years training design experience, we will turn anybody into a Graphic, Web,Digital or Video design superstar!
Instructed by: Rudolph Pieterse | Subject: Design, Graphic Design

Of Course You Can!The Ultimate Graphic and web design course

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This journey is not just for people with a talent for design. Our goal is to enable you with tools, the know how and sharing our knowledge… and well, we all know that knowledge is power! You see hundreds of brands, magazines, websites and videos every day… in fact you are bombarded with them... this journey is about discovering how they work, how they are created and the tools that make them what they are. During your three initial journeys we’ll provide you with various ways of being creative whilst slowly preparing you for any design challenge. If you think you’ve never had any creative ability, then fear not… there are ways to create incredible work without a lot of talent. For those of you with a knack for design, there are tutorials that will show you how to harness those skills properly to become better and wiser. From this moment onwards, we would like for you to put your trust in us… don’t stress about not being able to do something… or worry about whether you will excel during this process. JUST take our hand and focus on having the time of your life. There is no shortage to what you will learn, from creating a logo, a poster, a web story to creating magazine layouts, animated brochures and working in the third dimension. How about learning about the mobile design revolution where every minute of every day, everything you see, everywhere you go and everyone you meet becomes a potential inspiration for your next design through the magic of mobile apps and Creative Cloud?! And later creating easy websites with pure coding or with applications like Dreamweaver. How about building a web content management system with WordPress and advertising your website, learning how to bring traffic to it?! How about video editing right there and then on your cell phone and taking it further to continue editing on your computer?! And what about Character animation… ever dreamed of creating a cartoon? Your journey will have it all. You might be here today, having decided to take some of the design work at your company inhouse or you are looking towards maybe one day having your own company and establishing your own brand. After your initial journey you will feel empowered to do anything.


  1. At some point in your life you will need to perhaps create an invite for a party; a company logo or website; a concept for a client or a Facebook image for a marketing campaign. By taking the step to begin Your Journey with us, you will be able to create all these things yourself, and in the process save hundreds of $’s.
  2. Part 1: So you think you can’t create? – Of Course You Can! 1.1 Creativity, the x-factor and your journey into the world of your own creations! 1.2 Who are you? Who are we? What you are about to discover. TRUST US, together we can! 1.3 The software you will need and use. Your budget and journey board (Our case study) 1.4 WTF are they talking about? (Chapter 1) – Creative Cloud and software 1.5 A brand and a logo (What makes a great logo) / Starting a brand or business from a creative perspective 1.6 Diving into your first creation with Adobe Spark 1.7 Let’s take your journey to the stage and showcase your creations (My creative profile) Part 2: What’s in the toolbox? 1.8 Software Dive: Creating a logo, business card and poster in Adobe Illustrator (Our case study) 1.9 Free software alternative: Creating a logo, Business Card and Poster in Inscape (Case study) 1.10 Life is a beach! Having fun with Adobe Photoshop (Our case study) 1.11 Having fun with your photos using GIMP – free software alternative (Our case study) 1.12 Me? Build a web story? Of Course You Can (Creating a website story with Adobe Spark) 1.13 An App a day, makes the creativity stay! (Phone, tablet, mobile devices etc.) Part 3: That was Easy… Can I have more? Of Course You Can! 1.14 Now I can do this, but can I make some money at the same time? 1.15 What’s next? (Behance account, previews, courses, Talent Tank & webinars)
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Of Course You Can!The Ultimate Graphic and web design course Of Course You Can!The Ultimate Graphic and web design course Reviewed by Acamig Courses on March 05, 2019 Rating: 5
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