Microsoft Excell ( Conditional formatting)

Conditional formatting in Microsoft Excell from beginner to advance just in couple of hours!
Instructed by: Denis Kulikov | Subject: IT & Software, Hardware

Microsoft Excell ( Conditional formatting)

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Microsoft Excel nowadays is an absolutely essential tools for life. The truth is that, Excel is a really powerful, and dynamic data performing software .And one of the powerful tools there - is Conditional formatting. Absolutely everyone could get their life on a new level after studying this course and applying this knowledge in their lives. This course provides you with all the tools and instruments which you need, to understand each of the aspects of Conditional formatting. I am sure it is not so important to remember each of the functions, more essential is how to understand how Microsoft Excel "thinks" and know where you could find explanation of function which do you need.


  1. Conditioanal formatting in Microsoft Excell
  2. Conditional formatting interface
  3. Rules and rules managing in Conditional formatting
  4. Basic Conditional formatting sets ( Top 10, bottom 10, Average, date, text and etc.)
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