Let's JavaScript! Newbie Friendly!

Coding for beginner's Code a To-Do List App
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Let's JavaScript! Newbie Friendly!

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My name is Kauress and you may know me from the “Introduction to git” class on SitePoint JavaScript is known as a front end language for web applications. According to the Developer Survey of 2016 by Stack Overflow, JavaScript was surveyed to be the most commonly used programming language on the web. Learning a new language can be complicated and time consuming. Let Kauress guide you through beginners projects in JavaScript and the DOM! You will code 5 projects in JavaScript from scratch. Building upon basic concepts and applying them in your projects. The projects you code will allow you to manipulate user input and build dynamic web components of an otherwise static web-page. And by the end of this project series you would have coded 5 productivity web-apps in JavaScript


  1. Code in JavaScript from scratch
  2. Code more advanced projects in JavaScript
  3. Showcase your work to potential employers
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