Cloning Amazon, Netflix & Spotify

Learn HTML + CSS by recreating the home pages of some amazing companies.
Instructed by: Ironhack Bootcamp | Subject: Development, Web Development

Cloning Amazon, Netflix & Spotify

About This Course

These videos are meant to spark your curiosity and interest in HTML + CSS, this isn’t a comprehensive series of in-depth HTML or CSS tutorials. We hope that by the end of each lesson you’ll want to dig deeper into the concepts that were taught. In this course you will learn how Amazon, Spotify and Netflix have built their home pages. Over these videos, you’ll be introduced to HTML + CSS and many of it’s most recent features like flex boxes, image transformations, color gradients and the power Bootstrap framework.


  1. You will know how to clone the home pages of Amazon, Netflix and Spotify.
  2. You will learn some beginner to advanced HTML + CSS.
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Cloning Amazon, Netflix & Spotify Cloning Amazon, Netflix & Spotify Reviewed by Acamig Courses on March 27, 2019 Rating: 5
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