Learn English Fast - Part 2

People, Places, Numbers and Time
Instructed by: Andrew Stone | Subject: Teaching & Academics , Language

Learn English Fast - Part 2

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Part 2 of Learn English Fast follows on from Part 1. While Part 1 was mostly concerned with the naming of objects, Part 2 is concerned with naming the position of objects and undersanding their relationship to each other. There are also sections on numbers, quantities and time. The teaching system is the same as Part 1, The course content is presented visually and the student is encouraged to retrieve vocabulary at speed in order to break the habit of translating.


  1. Beginner students will learn a wide range of prepositions and become familar with the naming conventions relating to size and numbers. The visual approach of the course will force intermediate students to break a way from the habit of translating by demanding timed, fast, responses. to questions.
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