Fundamentals of Programming using Python 3

Basics of Python Programming for IT Professionals
Instructed by: Durga Viswanatha Raju Gadiraju | Subject: IT & Software, Other

Fundamentals of Programming using Python 3

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As part of this course one will learn basics of Python Programming to get into Big Data. Depending up on the feedback we might add additional modules over a period of time. Setup Python Environment Install Python and Pip Install Pycharm along with JDK Install Jupyter Notebook Overview of Collections and Tuples Read data from files into collection Collections – list, set and dict – group of homogeneous elements Basic Operations on Collections Tuples – group of heterogeneous elements Develop data processing applications (using loops over collections) Manipulating Collections using Map Reduce APIs Define problem statements Develop myFilter, myMap and myReduce APIs Understanding existing packages and APIs Developing Solutions using Map Reduce APIs After the training, one can learn Big Data technologies such as Spark, Kafka etc.


  1. Setup Development Environment for Python 3 - Python, Pycharm and Jupyter Notebook
  2. Basic Programming Constructs
  3. Pre-defined Functions, User Defined Functions, Arguments, Lambda Functions
  4. Overview of Collections such as List, Set and Dict as well as Tuples
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