ES6 JavaScript Reloaded

Learn all of the essential elements of ES6 in this course
Instructed by: Abdi Ahmed | Subject: Development, Web Development

ES6 JavaScript Reloaded

About This Course

In this course you will learn all of the essential ES6 features that have been added to JavaScript. In this course I cover Arrow functions, Spread/Rest Operator and all of the new features that have made JavaScript even better! Pretty much all of the new positions involving working with JavaScript that are now advertized require you to have experience with using ES6 syntax and this course will take you a long way to making sure that you are up-to-date with your JavaScript skill-set. Learning ES6 will put you in very high demand in the modern job market, as top frameworks and libraries such as Angular and React.js use ES6 syntax.


  1. Understand all of the new additions to JavaScript in ES6 and when to use them
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