English Made Simple: Learn Polite English

Master The Subtle Art Of Polite English And Improve Your Personal & Professional Relationships!
Instructed by: Fred Williams | Subject: Teaching & Academics , Language

English Made Simple: Learn Polite English

About This Course

Welcome to this fun and easy guide to polite English! This course contains short and simple lectures which provide real examples to help you fully understand the difference between being rude, casual and polite. Using polite English is particularly imporatant, because a lot of English people are.....polite! Seriously. I don't need to study how to be polite, I can speak English, that's enough! Being polite will take you far in life. It can open more opportunities in the business world, it can help people remember you in a positive light. In fact, when has it been beneficial to be impolite?


  1. Enjoy better relationships by using polite English!
  2. Understand the subtle differences between being impolite, casual and very polite
  3. Build overall confidence with using the English language
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