English Fluency for ESL/ EFL

Get Independent and Comfortable on Your Journey to English Fluency: Become Confident in Your English Speaking Skill.
Instructed by: Shilpa Hiremath | Subject: Teaching & Academics , Language English Language

English Fluency for ESL/ EFL

About This Course

This 45 minutes course helps you analyse your goal in English fluency and helps set a time frame to achieve it. It also makes you aware of your level and other levels in English according to the CEFR. It provides a step by step approach to becoming an autonomous/ independent learner on your journey to fluency. This is done mainly through a sample video lesson and learning a couple of things from the video. This demo/ sample video lesson is to be applied later on to continue your learning on your journey to fluency.


  1. You will learn exactly how you can learn through YouTube videos, Rhymes, Ted talks…etc.
  2. You become an autonomous learner-- You will learn to listen to a video-- pick new phrases, understand their meanings in context of the video, repeat, reproduce and use it in similar context
  3. You will feel confident with daily practice on topics of your own choice
  4. You will overcome/eliminate your fears and hesitation of speaking in English by following the six steps and the fluency mantra
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