Angular: Overcoming Common Obstacles

Overcome Obstacles with Angular Integration
Instructed by: David Donovan | Subject: Development, Web Development

Angular: Overcoming Common Obstacles

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Hello! My name is David Donovan. Welcome to this ProMatrix course titled, “Angular: Overcoming Common Obstacles”. This course is a reduced set of videos, and it covers specifically the topic of overcoming common obstacles when integrating with ASP.Net Core, using Visual Studio. In order to develop applications effectively, you will need to overcome many obstacles. This course should put it altogether for you to be able to use Visual Studio to integrate Angular and ASP.Net Core. If you only want to learn how to overcome common obstacles when creating web applications with Angular and ASP.Net Core, then you’ve come to the right place.


  1. How to access the node_modules while in Debug mode
  2. How to abstract and serve up the appropriate index .html file
  3. Creating a Release build
  4. Benefits of using the pre-commit Git hook
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