Learn real-life English | STUDY

Really understand English grammar, build your English vocabulary and improve your English pronunciation!
Instructed by: Dan Willoughby | Subject: Teaching & Academics , Language

Learn real-life English | STUDY

About This Course

All the lessons are based on real recordings discussing the broad topic of STUDY. Together we will analyse the language used in each lesson to understand how English speakers really use the language in order to help you to learn. All the new language is in context as this is the best way for you to understand the meaning and to remember it all later. All the lessons are animated, which makes them fun, entertaining but also memorable to help you learn all the new language. The most important vocabulary is carefully explained with examples to help you understand the meaning. There are comprehension questions at the end of every lesson to check your general understanding of the lesson.


  1. Learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation just like a native!
  2. Speak and write English much more naturally
  3. Read and listen to English with much more confidence
  4. Remember many useful everyday English expressions
  5. Understand difficult grammar points in context
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