Visualization : Age 13 and 14

Enroll to learn and improve one of your existing skills which is Visualization
Instructed by: Futurz Xplored Team | Subject: Design, Design Tools

Visualization : Age 13 and 14

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Visualization is a skill which everyone has by default, but there are only few who use it correctly and are aware of its applications in real life. So this course will make you learn the applications and awareness of Visualization in real life and also help you learn the two 21st century Traits namely Problem Solving and Decision making. Futurz Xplored is an ISO certified education company that aims at address the 21st Century educational needs. Genesis of Futurz Xplored was a result of extensive global research of over a decade by eminent academician from across the world. Currently Futurz Xplored is impacting the lives of 100000+ students, teachers & professionals annually, through 2000+ schools & independent campuses in India, China, USA & Canada. Range of educational programmes: In School programme Global 100 Innovation Schools, After School programme, Do it Yourself, Kits for teachers & parents, Workshops and Independent Campuses called as (i297).

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