JavaScript Basics for Everyone Part 1

Setup your development environment and start basic coding in JavaScript
Instructed by: MaroŇ° Kutschy | Subject: Development, Programming Languages

JavaScript Basics for Everyone Part 1

About This Course

This is first part of JavaScript basics course. It is free course, the second part will be paid course. There are many courses on the market, which take couple of hours. But many students want learn just the basics in shorter time, ideally an hour. This is the exactly the approach of this course. Both parts takes approximately 30 minutes. You will learn essential knowledge how to start coding in JavaScript. You will get familiarized with the Visual Studio Code - software used for developing JavaScript code. You will install Node.js to run JavasScript code without browser. You will learn how to run Javascript code in the Chrome browser. If you have no coding experience and you want start to learn the code, this is the best course option for you.

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