Building a Vmware vSphere 6.5 Home Lab

Learn How to set up a vSphere Home Lab for FREE
Instructed by: Fettah Ben | Subject: IT & Software, Operating Systems

Building a Vmware vSphere 6.5 Home Lab

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So you decided to build a lab, now what? Building a VMware home lab is one of the best ways to learn about VMware. This course will walk you through the process of creating a vSphere 6.5 lab on your home computer. You'll learn how to use VMware Workstation and will create multiple virtual machines. In this course, you don't need any prior Background with Virtual Machine Technology! If you can manage a Windows or a Linux machine, then you can build a Home lab without breaking the bank. Through the course you will be able to build A home lab that will allows you to gain hands-on experience without disrupting a production environment. And then Create and run nested ESXi and a vCenter Server inside VMware Workstation player. The ideal students for this course is the System administrators on Windows or Linux operating systems. Students do not need to have any prior virtualization experience. so, join me now to Build your own VMware Home LAB with the easy way

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Building a Vmware vSphere 6.5 Home Lab Building a Vmware vSphere 6.5 Home Lab Reviewed by Acamig Courses on January 06, 2019 Rating: 5
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