Learn SSRS Reporting in 120 minutes

Learn Visualization techniques to tell a simple story using complex data
Instructed by: Rakesh Gopalakrishnan | Subject: IT & Software, Other

Learn SSRS Reporting in 120 minutes

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After completing this course, you will be comfortable creating simple to complex reports, Graphs and Maps. This course will complete the BI tool set consisting of SQL, ETL and Reporting (you can refer to my SQL Server and ETL courses, if you want to learn more). This course, will walk you through basic installation and environment setup to different SSRS techniques to create reports and visualization. We also cover concepts like displaying data using Tables, Matrices and Lists. We will walk through how to create highly dynamic reports. We walk through the powerful concepts of SSRS expressions, where you can dynamically render Colors, Fonts, Data and control the Report look and feel. After taking all 3 courses, students will know what will be expected of a DB developer, ETL Developer or a Reporting Analyst type job. The complete BI Tool Suite course will help you get prepared for interviews and jobs. It will show you all facilities that these tools provide. By taking all the 4 courses in this toolset, I can assure you that you will have a very good understanding of how the different Microsoft Business Intelligence tools interact with one another, and how a typical day in the life of Database developer, ETL Developer, Analyst or Reporting Analyst look like.

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