Building Accessible Online Courses

Making online courses more approachable
Instructed by: Blake Anneberg | Subject: Teaching & Academics Online Education Online Course Creation, Online Education

Building Accessible Online Courses

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From the first time I learned about the Open Educational Resources movement, I knew I wanted to share ways to make online courses more accessible and more approachable for students and online course developers. I also want to advocate more and shape this new technology and strategy for education, marketing and lifelong learning for the common good. This course is a volunteer effort on my part and is being updated with feedback (particularly with real world how to videos). Please be patient on the updates and improvements. Please use the Q&A section so we can share best practices. Also, I am interested in what your experiences in taking online are. If you have suggestions on how to improve the accessibility for this course, or if you find a particular aspect of the course or activity problematic from an accessibility perspective, then please let me know at via the Question and Answer (Q&A) feature of this course. A bit about me: I have been taking online courses since 2013 on edX, FutureLearn, Coursera, Udemy and TeamTreehouse for web design and coding. Also, I assisted a nonprofit to create three online courses used around the world. Finally, I also developed Confident Dyslexic App that uses Android accessibility settings. It has over 5,000 Android downloads around the world. I like helping people and making digital education more open.

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