5-Step Crowdfunding Masterclass - Kickstarter PR

Proven Tactics to Experience higher conversion rates in your Kickstarter
Instructed by: Michael Zeligs | Subject: Business, Entrepreneurship

5-Step Crowdfunding Masterclass - Kickstarter PR

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5-STEP MASTERCLASS: the 5-step method for how I've launched multiple $50k crowdfunding projects without spending useless money on ads or PR. ✔ LEARN NOW FOR FREE What's included? CREATE YOUR BACKERS COMMUNITY We explore how to build your audience and the steps we use to direct people to your campaign, so that you end up with more backers and real relationships UNDERSTAND THE BUILDING BLOCKS We'll discover what different types of systems project creators use to get funded, which platforms they use, so that you can have the highest chances of success. MAKE A GREAT VIDEO AND PAGE You'll be guided for how to create amazing content for your marketing, and we've got an exact template for how to manifest an amazing video at minimal cost. SECRET PRACTICES FOR CROWD LAUNCH We'll look at how to implement all the parts of your project launch, and the things that make all my projects stand out on their launch day. 10X your backers! ✔ LEARN NOW FOR FREE Course Outline 1. Crowdfunding Myths - Avoid the common errors 2. Product Market Fit - Planning your campaign with data 3. Video Production Tutorial - Exact steps to a killer video 4. Grassroots Outreach - How and when to activate your backers 5. Getting support - Steps I take to get even more backers

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