Generative Modeling - Designer Based Structural Optimization

Topology Optimization - Creating Optimal Next Generation Designs with 3D CAD - Solid Edge - Solidworks - Blender - FEA
Instructed by: John Devitry | Subject: Academics, Math & Science

Generative Modeling - Designer Based Structural Optimization

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Generative Design is a radical departure from conventional design practices and is by definition the creation of shapes decided by a set of rules, or in other words, software algorithms. In essence the 3D CAD designer is no longer the primary creator, taking the position of a “problem framer” specifying up front design goals such as design space, constraints and keep out areas. The computer software then decides where material should be removed. Constraints define, then decide the structural results by generating an optimized part that look eerily similar to creations found in nature. The potential benefits are striking. This class will teach you how to get started with Topology Optimization.

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Instructor   John Devitry

John Devitry is a Research Fellow at the Center of Space Engineering - Utah State University. From 2004 – 2015 John taught the introductory classes for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at USU while also working as the CAD Administrator at Space Dynamics Laboratory – the research arm of USU. Over the years John has developed a unique and compelling approach to teaching mechanical engineering and 3D design, introducing the concept of Conceptual Design Blending as a way to facilitate creative thinking with engineering graphics students.

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