Mocking application with Moq

Mocking real implementation of application with fake implementation using Moq
Instructed by: Karthik KK | Subject: IT & Software, IT Certification

Mocking application with Moq

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In the course Mocking framework(Moq) we will learn and understand 1. What is Mocking framework all about 2. How to work without Moq and problem while working with real application 3. How to work with Moq 4. How to work and test different components of C# like a. Methods/Returns values/ Times method called b. Parameters/Tracking parameters c. Auto-implemented properties d. Properties 5. Working with advanced Moq concepts like strict and loose Moq 6. Working with Property stubbing With this course one will also get benefit of understanding how developers do testing of real application by isolating the non-focused components using Moq objects.

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