How to Choose a College Major

Finally help answering the difficult question WHAT MAJOR SHOULD I PICK!
Instructed by: Sarita Pettus | Subject: Teaching & Academics , Social Science

How to Choose a College Major

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This course will ultimately prepare you to pick a college major and career that fit you. You will examine research and theory about the psychology of happiness, motivation, learning, and cognition (how the brain processes and retains information). You will discover what factors influence your motivation and strategies to use to help you be successful in your collegiate career. You will utilize a variety of self assessment inventories such as the multiple intelligence inventory, learning styles, reading styles, and Briggs Meyers to identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement. You are ultimately expected to integrate and apply your new heightened self awareness and learning strategies to your own academic career to select a career path that fits your unique strengths, talents, aptitude, and interests so you can become a more efficient and effective student and subsequently a college graduate

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