How to Design a Typographic Poster

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to design a typographic poster design.
Instructed by: Gary Simon | Subject: Design , Graphic Design

How to Design a Typographic Poster

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A typographic poster is simply a poster that's based around a strong influence of type, whether they be individual letters or whole sentences. In this course, you will learn how to create a poster design that's based around type.

As a bonus, you will also learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to take your completed typographic poster design, and showcase it a realistic environment. This is particularly useful for those who wish to showcase their designs on a portfolio, or even to clients. This course is for anyone who wants to expand their designer skill-set to include the specific niche of typographic poster design. Not only will you gain a solid understanding of designing type-based posters, but you will also learn other invaluable techniques and terminology that can be applied to other areas of design.

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Instructor   Gary Simon

Gary Simon is a professional freelance graphics and web designer with well over a decade of experience. Having served over a thousand clients, Gary understands many facets of the design industry. He has also been a course instructor for several of the top online education websites, teaching a wide range of topics including:

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