HDR Image-Based Lighting in Blender

Watch this crash course and master the complete HDR image-based lighting workflow, 100% Blender
Instructed by: Aidy Burrows | Subject: Design, 3D & Animation

HDR Image-Based Lighting in Blender

About This Course

In this course Gleb Alexandrov from Creative Shrimp shows how Image-based lighting is an opportunity to achieve astounding realism. If you've just started tinkering with HDR image-based lighting in Blender, it may seem daunting. So hard to control the direction of light (Gimme the rim light, you, Blender!). Even harder to avoid a blown-out background. On top of that, there seems to be so many things to wrap your head around: High Dynamic Range, 32-bit textures, Tone Mapping... But actually, this workflow is MUCH easier than you might have thought. I promise.

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