The 6 Death Factors, that can BURY your Business

Identify, understand, and tackle the 6 "death factors" that may bury your business to the ground, if left unattended
Instructed by: Dimitris Thanassas, Ph.D | Subject: Business , Entrepreneurship

The 6 Death Factors, that can BURY your Business

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As an Entrepreneur or Business Unit Manager, you are probably feeling too enthusiastic about your vision for the future, for the potential that your products have, or for the opportunities that will be unleashed once your business is up and running. You are living in a dream world, which is full of catch-phrases like "future capabilities" and "if you can imagine it, you can do it". That's good news, people like you are necessary in order for society to chart new paths forward.

However, once you've set your train off, you soon realize that the real world is not all "roses and sunshine". Real problems start raising their ugly heads and demand your attention or your resources. This is such an awkward time: you don't like to become involved in this day-to-day nitty gritty, you only like the "vision thing", you were probably expecting things to run "according to the manual", you feel frustrated or helpless. Very soon, you find yourself locked into a corner, with the "Mike Tyson" of a problem hitting you hard and fast from all possible angles.

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Instructor   Dimitris Thanassas, Ph.D

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