Speed through Excel with Autofill

Unlock the secrets of Excel's Autofill features to save you time and effort
Instructed by: Jane Hames | Subject: Office Productivity, Microsoft

Speed through Excel with Autofill

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Learn how to work more efficiently within Excel by using the full potential of its powerful Autofill features to complete a series for you. Did you know you can automatically fill out, customize and save, lists of items such as: numbered lists dates days custom text items

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Instructor   Jane Hames

Coming from a creative background, I explain software use in a “non-techy” way. I very much focus on the big picture benefits of software use in order to save you time and get more value from the software. I have been a trainer since 1998 working mainly in the UK and occasionally in Europe. During that time, I have worked with clients from a wide range of industries including, finance, legal, creative, engineering, charities, schools, colleges, government, healthcare, police and more.

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Speed through Excel with Autofill Speed through Excel with Autofill Reviewed by Acamig Courses on December 30, 2018 Rating: 5
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