Screens Essentials for UI Designers

Get to know formats, resolutions, DPI and more
Instructed by: Web Design | Subject: Design, Web Development

Screens Essentials for UI Designers

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Learn some of the most important terms and factors for successful UI design. We'll start from the tiniest element you design for - pixel. Then we move on to different screens, resolutions, we'll explore retina, DPI and so much more. You will get to know optimal formats for UI design as well as workflows that will let you create highest quality assets! You will find plenty of tutorials and articles on how screen design essentials work with explanation of terms and key techniques. The thing is the more you read the more complicated this topic appears. Let's focus on theory and keep it sh

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Instructor   Web Design

My work is all about design, coding, and education. For over 10 years I've been a professional designer, design lead and UX consultant for companies such as Microsoft, Google, Adobe or Wacom. I created the biggest local website with video tutorials on code, design and more with over 100.000 clients. I also run a software house and a training facility, speak at design conferences and more. I'm curious, passionate and I love sharing knowledge.

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