Printing spreadsheets in Excel

An easy to follow but thorough dive into using various known methods for printing complicated or large spreadsheets.
Instructed by: Jason Isler | Subject: Office Productivity , Microsoft

Printing spreadsheets in Excel

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This course covers one of the most often performed tasks in Excel, but one that is not fully understood even by experienced, capable professionals. Learn to print a spreadsheet of almost any size starting with the first video. The course is only seven videos long and lasts about thirty minutes. Why thirty minutes just to learn how to print? Well, software developers often provide a number of ways to perform the same task, and that is the case with printing a spreadsheet in Excel. Also, some of these known ways can be combined to achieve the results we wish. Lastly, some methods may be more preferred by You, and so I did not wish to leave that out.

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Instructor   Jason Isler

A certified Excel expert and CompTIA certified Technical Trainer. Responsible for eLearning development in a corporate environment. Although professionals can be very talented and capable they may not always be comfortable with technology. My investment is in creating a comfort level with these necessary tools so that they empower its Users to fulfill their tasks.

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