Quick introduction to influxdb

Quick introduction to influxdb

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UPDATE 8th Oct 2018: I have not prioritized building more course content yet. I hope to publish a course on kapacitor in the end of 2018. I am sorry for any confusion caused by the title and description. I have now renamed the course to: "Quick introduction to influxdb" to more accurately describe the content.

Have you started checking out influxdb or any of the other components in the TICK stack? Even though the documentation is good, it can be tiring and inefficient to simply read through. Let me take you step by step through learning about the TICK stack by building projects. Each project will have a specific goal and contain lecutures with key takeways. Moreover the code is available and ready for you to temper with.

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Instructor   Test Prep All Test Prep Grad Entry Exam College Entry Exam Test Taking Skills Other Espen Albert

I completed my masters degree in computer science at NTNU in the spring of 2018. Currently, I am working as a full stack developer at Rocketfarm (consulting firm placed in Sogndal, Norway). I love watching video tutorials and writing code. I stumbled upon timeseries during a project at work and learned about the TICK stack. Since I have benefitted so much from other courses I would like to give back by creating my own course. I am hopeful that it will benefit others while challenging myself and improving myself with feedback from others.

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