Beyond Usability: Learn the User Research Toolkit

A 60-minute introduction to a variety of user research methods
Instructed by: Jennifer McCormick | Subject: Design, User Experience

Beyond Usability: Learn the User Research Toolkit

About This Course

It's more than just usability testing! In under 1 hour, be introduced a variety of methods you can use to help you gain insights about your users - insights that are essential to designing and building a successful app, product, technology, or idea! PLEASE NOTE this course does not provide deep practice exercises, but instead is designed as a brief, high level introduction on how to draw from a 'toolkit' of top user research methods.

Have you ever thought about doing interviews, surveys, or other kinds of research with users but don't know how to get started? Is it unclear to you which user research study method is best to use, when, and how? Don't have a lot of time? This is the course for you! This course walks students through a variety of popular and effective user research methods to become familiar with, called 'the user research toolkit'. The course explains what user research is, the requirements for getting started doing a study, an outline of various study methods, how to select which study method is best to use based on a given product stage, question, or problem, and tips for how to get started doing your own study right away

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Instructor   Jennifer McCormick

Jennifer McCormick is user experience researcher and human-computer interaction expert with over fifteen years of experience designing and conducting research in tech at companies like Microsoft, Logitech, and Amazon. She is currently Founder and President of User Lens, a San Francisco-based user experience consulting firm. Her clients include Square, Uber, GoPro, and Samsung.

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