Learn Thai From Scratch For Free!

Learn Practical Thai in 30minutes!
Instructed by: (Bo)Siripa Aruenpong | Subject: Language , Other

Learn Thai From Scratch For Free!

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This course is created simply just for you as a beginner or anyone who is coming to travel in Thailand. This course is going to help you know some essential phrases in thai and practical thai that people use or speak in daily life :) The topics which I choose for you are the most common topics and they are daily situations you would probably experience when you are traveling or staying in Thailand. I hope by the end of this course. you would be become confident in speaking Thai to Thai people and your trip in Thailand would be more enjoyable. Learning thai could be very fun for you if you enjoy learning them an easy way and when people understand some words or phrases you say. That would make this learning even more fun!

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Instructor   (Bo)Siripa Aruenpong

Hi!Sawaddee ka! My name is Bo. I am a native thai graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business English. I had been working in education industry for 7 years, regarding to my previous job of working alongside with University in Thailand dealing with international students from oversea and thai students.. I first started off with as a tutor, language instructor and then an organizer for english and cross cultural project for non-profit organization I worked with. Now that I have built this love and passion in helping and teaching people to speak thai language in a fun way and effective way,more importantly speaking the most practical stuff.And so I offer you some free course and lesson in Thai online (Udemy,YouTube Channel &Facebook page) and I do also offer you a private lesson If you are super eager to speak Thai just like thai and not depending on text books. Then my lesson is an ideal for you. See you soon on my lesson! Have a nice day :)

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