JavaScript - Start Developing Applications in 2 Hours Free!

An Introduction to JavaScript Client-Side Scripting and Object-Oriented Programming.
Instructed by: Gautam Devaraj | Subject: Development, Web Development

JavaScript - Start Developing Applications in 2 Hours Free!

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In a prototyping language every object is an instance of a class. What that means is that objects can be defined and developed on the fly to suit a particular use, rather than having to build out specific classes to handle a specific need. This opens the door for very rapid and flexible development as well as a wide array of possible design patterns that would not be possible in more structured languages. The ability to prototype also allows seamless extension of existing classes, even built in ones.

JavaScript is interpreted by the browser and over time (most) browsers have adapted to giving power users enough freedom to look under the hood and see or even change the JavaScript that's running behind your favorite sites. Pressing F12 on most browsers will open the console which can let you talk directly to the JavaScript and explore it from a top down perspective. In addition to this, many talented developers have created their own publicly available and free tools that make working with JavaScript even easier.

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Instructor   Gautam Devaraj

ollege Entry Exam Test Taking Skills Other Gautam Devaraj CISE,Web Application Developer,Entrepreneur Gautam is a Web Application Developer and an astonishing entrepreneur, Gautam's work experience includes back-end DBA, PHP Programmer, and more than 4 years of solid experience in Information Security after being Certified as Information Security Expert. He has been teaching online for more 3 years. Gautam loves to help people break down learning barriers.

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