Oracle SQL A Complete Introduction

Learn the basics of Oracle SQL with these easy-to-follow Oracle SQL lessons and examples.
Instructed by: Ben Brumm | Subject: Development, Databases

Oracle SQL  A Complete Introduction

About This Course

Learn how to use Oracle SQL from scratch, to improve your developer skills or to access an Oracle SQL database at work. This course will teach you the basics of the SQL language on an Oracle database.

Why should you take this course?

There are many benefits of taking my Oracle SQL course: You can go from absolute beginner to capable of writing Oracle SQL statements in a matter of hours Avoid paying thousands of dollars for training. You can also study in your own time! Learn from someone who actually has Oracle SQL experience (and runs a website teaching others how to use and optimise their Oracle SQL)! If you want to learn Oracle SQL from someone who has experience, then take this course.

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Instructor   Ben Brumm

I'm a software consultant that has a passion for databases, and teaching others. I have over seven years experience in the IT industry in many roles, including database support, database development, database design, reporting, business analysis, project management, and even Excel.

I obtained the Oracle SQL Expert certification and currently looking into the next certification on my list! I'd like to teach others about databases and database topics, such as SQL, database design, and performance.

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