How to Make a WordPress Website for Businesses 2018 + BONUS!

Create an amazing business website for your small business using WordPress & DIY power. No programming skills needed!
Instructed by: Chris Heidlebaugh | Subject: Design, Web Design

How to Make a WordPress Website for Businesses 2018 + BONUS!

About This Course

Are you ready to build a professionally looking website in 2018?

With so many businesses getting found on mobile tablets, smartphones, and laptops, you need to have a responsive website that's going to look great. Within 30 minutes, you will have a rough draft of a business website up and running! This class is intended for people who want full control over their website, but cannot afford to have a web designer build them a website from scratch. We will use WordPress to build an amazing website that you can easily use. This complete course is designed for DIYers and beginners like you who have never built a WordPress website for business (or any other website for that matter).

No Programming or technical skills needed!

Hi I'm Chris Heidlebaugh, the instructor for this course! Throughout this course you will learn the exact process I teach my students and clients who have built successful websites using this exact method. Don't throw 1000's of dollars away on a basic website when you can build it yourself for almost nothing.In fact I had one client you got scammed for 13k for a basic website. Don't be another statistic. I know you have many choices of courses to take, so why take this one? Well... not only do I own a digital marketing agency, but I'm a college professor, podcaster, YouTuber, author, speaker, and simply and honest guy! In fact I threw in 2 amazing bonuses because I'm so confident in this course.

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Instructor   Chris Heidlebaugh

Hi I'm Chris and as you may have heard, “I Teach Digital Marketing to DIYers”. Meaning: I teach motivated bloggers, business owners, and digital diyers how to build a WordPress website, do SEO, succeed on social media, crush it on YouTube, and other things to help you Take Control of Your Online Success!

I have been working with websites for over 20 years. From the days of when Aol and WebTv were cool, until now, I have lived online. I started building websites using Dreamweaver and FrontPage. Now I proudly use WordPress. Over the years when I needed to learn something, I taught myself. SEO, taught myself. Video production, taught myself. Social media, you get the point. I never stop learning! This work ethic has grown into a a BA degree with a minor in internet marketing and then a Masters in Computer Science degree with my emphasis being in Cyber Security. I have also published a book on Positive Leadership, became a podcaster & blogger, and even produced WordPress tutorial videos for a theme company.

My love of the internet has grown from a hobby into becoming a college professor and the successful owner of a boutique digital marketing agency outside beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. Personally, I'm a Man of Faith and Family. I love people and helping them get to where they desire to be in life. I truly want to help you succeed too! Chris Heidlebaugh

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How to Make a WordPress Website for Businesses 2018 + BONUS! How to Make a WordPress Website for Businesses 2018 + BONUS! Reviewed by Acamig Courses on November 05, 2018 Rating: 5
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