Cisco Multicast Labs

Configure IP Multicasting on your network
Instructed by: Mohammad Imani | Subject: IT & Software, IT Certification

Cisco Multicast Labs

About This Course

This mini course is all about Multicast and all the necessary commands to configure this feature in your network!

I have explained all commands in detail so that you can easily get a grab on that feaure. If you cannot find a feature, this means either it is obsolete and a better feature replaces that or I have forgotten to include it. In the latter case, I will be more than happy if you let me know what you want and I will add it to the curriculum. I have used GNS3 for the simulation. However, you can execute all commands on a real gear without any change.

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Instructor   Mohammad Imani

I have trained more than 1200 direct and 28000 online students for CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Routing and Switching courses.

I started as a Microsoft guy (like most of network experts!) and then ended up to become a network expert, first as a trainer and video tutorial presenter and then as a consultant for many small to medium to large enterprises. This consultant role gave me some huge and precious experience that I could add to my courses and make them richer than before. I hope my courses on Udemy can help you to achieve your goals and become the one you wish to become.

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